"I Just Want to be Free," Edward J. Baker

“If I was in jail or if I did something wrong, I’d understand. But I
didn’t do anything wrong.” He is being held prisoner by Protective Services in Arapahoe County in Colorado. He has been denied family, friends and freedom, his life savings pillaged and his future in the hands of those who don’t know who he is, just how much he was worth, in money. But to his family fighting for him to go home and retire in peace, his worth is measured with love.
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The Denial of Constitutional Rights

One of the tactics we’ve seen repeatedly used by predatory fiduciaries is ‘problem, reaction, solution;’ with the solution always being to tighten the fiduciaries’ control. Once they discover an elder’s wealth or assets they suddenly become intensely “interested” in the welfare of that elder. This is a very lucrative business for these fiduciaries and they will do everything within their power to remain in control. No human being should ever be allowed to “own” another. Read more

The Erosion of the American Dream

One of the biggest dangers to our civil rights is the absence of people challenging the twisting of the meaning of our laws to fit the materialistic needs of court appointed officials and the judges who instate them. Read More
The Well-oiled Machine - How Corrupt Fiduciaries Crack Open an Elder's Nest Egg

There is a clear pattern of illicit behavior that has emerged with some court-appointed officials in Colorado. Laws that have been on the books for decades which were written to protect elders with no family members to care for them, are being twisted by these professional guardians, conservators and trustees who band together with the purpose of exhausting the elder’s estate.  Read More

Our Stories

* Updated August 3, 2016
Emma Parr's right to thrive and the failure of her probate court appointed guardian to perform his fiduciary duty
Emma suffered mental and physical abuse during her stay at an assisted living center while under the incompetent watch of her court appointed guardian. Although a motion was made to the Probate Court judge to have the guardian removed, the judge turned a blind eye. The only way to stop atrocities against our elders is to bring the inadequacies of the system to the attention of the public. Agencies which were put in place to protect elders from abuse, lack the capacity to do anything because they lack the power to discipline court-appointed fiduciaries. Probate judges have the power, but refuse to discipline or remove incompetent fiduciaries. (See stories below under "Emma's Smile")

The American Dream turned out to be The American Nightmare. Our irrevocable trust was circumvented and negated. All contents of the trust were demolished by the court system and unethical lawyers. Read More

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The Probate System has Ruined our Lives


Note to readers: Some families have deliberately omitted the names of the fiduciaries and judges who are involved in their cases. If  those names, and specific information to back up allegations are omitted, it is out of  fear of fiduciary retaliation.  Specific information will be made available to anyone interested in and able to provide significant help to these elders and their families if  these families can be assured of protection from probate retaliation.  We have experienced bullying from the guardians and fiduciaries when we complain or speak out; they get restraining orders or file suit  for tortious interference. 

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Stolen Hero; Broken Soul- Edward Baker's story

Edward is denied any legal representation by Probate  Court. His Civil Rights are being violated by those who were appointed by the Court to protect him. He is not free to live with his family and those who love him. The fight continues . . .   Read More

What business does any Court have in inserting itself into the thorough, sentient, conscientious financial succession planning done by an elder at a time when there was no question about his/her capacity?

Observer's article and comments on how the actions of Probate Court and proceedings empower a deceptive adult child or relative and allow for the financial exploitation of the elder's estate while working on behalf of the deceptive child or relative.

Nick and Rose Battista and the Destruction of their American Dream

Nick and Rose Battista worked hard to attain their dream for themselves, for their future and their children’s’ futures. And it took one Judge, one lawyer, one trustee to destroy all they worked for; to divide their children, drain their estate and leave this dream a nightmare. Read More

Emma's Smile

Emma's Smile, the story of Emma Parr is divided into five chapters for the reader's convenience. The focus of this story is on how this beautiful woman was deceived by a family member and then placed in an assisted living center where her rights and dignity of live were denied, and how the Probate Court system facilitated her abuse and the ruination/depletion of her multimillion dollar estate.

2009 2013- A History of Neglect at Assisted Living Centers in Denver

2007-Court Intervention and Emma's Court Assigned Guardians

2006-2009- A Crisis at Hand

1995-2006 Emma's Senior Years

1922-1995 Emma's Early Life to Retirement