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Senator Laura Woods interview by John Rush of KLZ Radio

08/4/2015 - Introduction by John Rush

“State Senator Laura Woods had a hearing last week at the State Legislature. It was covered by KCNC Channel 4, in Denver. They are putting together a multipart story on the problem where people are having their property seized for absolutely not reason and with no recourse in Court. Their properties are just taken by Court assigned Trustee and Receivers; it’s a major scandal and developing even as we speak.”

Colorado lawmaker pledges probate reform after

hearing victim stories

By David Olinger; The Denver Post; 07/30/2015 AM MDT

State Senate hearing held about Probate reform. Senator Laura Woods took statements from victims and families who saw their estates diminished or wiped out by court appointed fiduciaries with the approval of probate judges. These concerned individuals addressed the eminent need for greater protection of families during the probate process and described it as "Instigate, litigate, isolate, medicate, liquidate, take the estate - celebrate." The Senators got about 50 suggestions for legislative probate reform. Senator Laura Woods plans to introduce legislation next year that will provide all Colorado families greater protection from probate court.

Lawmakers to take on receivership, probate abuse

Posted By Arthur Kane On July 30, 2015 @ 4:00 am

LEGISLATIVE OVERSIGHT: State Sen. Laura Woods, R-Arvada, took up the cause of imposing oversight on receiverships.

Colorado Judicial Branch

Mission Statement

Families Against Court Embezzlement Unethical


F.A.C.E.U.S. was founded by a group of families victimized by unjust Court Officials.  Being victimized by

the system designedto protect us awakened us to the need for  vigilance and oversight of State and Federal agents and Court appointed officials. When we discovered how widespread and severe abuses are we realized we ourselves must get involved and stay involved. Unless we stop Government Agents and Courts from becoming instruments of oppression there is no hope for Justice in our society.

Americans Against Abusive Probate Guardianship

Visit AAAPG to learn more about Abusive Guardianship which is an industry that exploits the very people and estates they are sworn to protect. This injustice manifests itself nationwide.

Demand a Federal Investigation into Abuses in Probate

Guardianship in America

Please sign the petition at Change.org!

Elder abuse mandatory reporting bill clears Colorado Senate


By Tim Hoover; The Denver Post; 02/20/2013 05:28:49 PM

A bill requiring people in certain occupations ranging from medical care to the clergy to report abuse of seniors cleared a Colorado Senate committee

Bill Detail: SB13-111

Colorado Capitol Watch

Under the bill, on and after July 1, 2014, certain professionals (mandatory reporters) who observe the abuse or exploitation of a person who is 70 years of age or older (at-risk elder) or who have reasonable cause to believe that an at-risk elder has been abused or has been exploited and is at imminent risk of abuse or exploitation are required to report such fact to a law enforcement agency within 24 hours after making the observation or discovery. A mandatory reporter who fails to report commits a class 3 misdemeanor.


Arapahoe judge dismisses official who heirs say

mishandled estates

By David Olinger; The Denver Post; 02/07/2014 06:16:45 PM MST

The chief District Court judge in Arapahoe County has dismissed a public administrator who had been accused by four families of mishandling their estates with her business partner.


2014/02/06  - Chief Judge Order Appointing Marco Chayet, Esq. as 18th Judicial District Public Administrator (PDF) -Includes 18th Judicial Public Administrator payment schedule

Heirs cry foul, say two Colorado probate lawyers depleted

their estates

By David Olinger; The Denver Post; 02/07/2014 06:16:45 PM MST

Four families with cases in Arapahoe County’s probate court say that two attorneys involved in their estates should have disclosed a real estate investment they made together before charging the estates at least $400,000 in fees. Larry Parr carries water he gets from neighbors.

Video: Heirs cry foul, say two Colorado probate lawyers

depleted their estates

A probate lawyer had sold nearby land to someone who later found that a water line crossed his land to Parr’s house and shut it off. “We are living on water we store in 5-gallon buckets,” Parr says.

2013/04/23 -Chief Judge Order Reaffirming Appointment of Tamra Palmer(PDF)

Colorado probate courts fail to protect those at risk, audit finds

By David Olinger; The Denver Post, Posted September 27, 2011

Colorado's probate courts have not followed laws enacted to protect vulnerable adults and children from abuse by guardians and conservators, state auditors reported . . .

Performance Audit: Judicial Branch Oversight of Guardianships and Conservatorships (PDF)

Office of the State Auditor; September 2011

This report contains the results of a performance audit of the Judicial Branch’s oversight of guardianships and conservatorships. The audit was conducted pursuant to Section 2-3-103, C.R.S., which authorizes the State Auditor to conduct audits of all departments, institutions, and agencies of state government. The report presents our findings, conclusions, and recommendations, and the responses of the Judicial Branch.

2010/07/30 - Special Warranty Deed for URIT LLC, 6060 Greenwood Plaza Blvd(PDF)

2010/07/29 - Deed of Trust: Tamra Palmer and Jennifer Gormley of URIT, LLC(PDF)

2010/05/03 - Articles of Organization for URIT, LLC, Registered Agent: Jennifer Gormley (PDF)

Public Corruption - Why It’s Our #1 Criminal Priority

Posted March 26, 2010

Public corruption is a breach of trust by federal, state, or local officials—often with the help of private sector  accomplices. It’s also the FBI’s top criminal investigative priority. To explain why the Bureau takes public corruption so seriously and how we investigate, we talked with Special Agent Patrick Bohrer, assistant section chief of our Public Corruption/Civil Rights program at FBI Headquarters.

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