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Senator Woods

tried to pass a bill

last session that

would have

allowed lawsuits

against receivers

(Court appointed

Conservators for

businesses) and quick appeals for people who felt their receivers weren’t doing a proper job.The bill failed after opposition by attorneys and the Colorado Judicial Branch

Photo By Arthur Kane
FREE SPEECH?: Several people who say they were victims of court-appointed overseers refused to show their faces, fearing retaliation in court from judges or their appointees.

July 29, 2015

A State Senate hearing was held about Probate reform on July 29, 2015. Senator Laura Woods took statements from victims and families who saw their estates diminished or wiped out by court appointed fiduciaries with the approval of probate judges. These concerned individuals addressed the eminent need for greater protection of families during the probate process and described it as "Instigate, litigate, isolate, medicate, liquidate, take the estate - celebrate."

The Senators got about 50 suggestions for legislative probate reform. Senator Laura Woods plans to introduce legislation next year that will provide all Colorado families greater protection from probate court.


past activities

June 19, 2015

Our first public outreach in tandem with and was held at Beemis Library in Littleton Colorado. It was a tremendous success. In attendance was State Representative Su Ryden, House District 36, who heard first hand on Guardianship and Trust abuse from Arapahoe County residents.

Rep Su Ryden is a member of Colorado’s powerful Audit Committee. She left the meeting convinced that guardianship legislative reform is over due in Colorado. Rep. Ryden led the group in a discussion of how to achieve legislative victories.


April 4, 2014

Rally in front of Capitol Building steps

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