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A note about the "Probate Estate Questionnaire": The purpose of this survey is for senator woods to gather information for  her investigation of court assigned fiduciaries and probate court inequities. this survey is an instrument for gathering similarities of cases. 

you can remain anonymous if need be. Completing what you can is better than sending nothing.

We invite you to take this short survey

and share a little information about your situation with Senator Laura Woods.

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If you answered "yes"to any of the above questions,
you are not alone and help is on the horizon!

Please know that you will never be asked for money or contributions. We adhere to this policy to protect C.O.F.F.E.R. Group from conflicts of interest, to maintain the integrity of our mission and to not be influenced by anyone with other interests.

We do what we do voluntarily because of our principled convictions to this cause.

You are part of a statewide community of people (which is rapidly becoming nationwide) who are boldly speaking out — and it’s working! Your stories are helping to create public awareness of the victimization of our elders and their families.

Legislators, journalists, academics, and the people next door are learning about our plight and together we can create solutions that will put a stop to this "legal plunder."

Please ask for help if your not sure about a question. If you need help with the questionnaire, please send an email to

Our strength and our numbers keep growing as the word gets out about o
ur efforts to stop these atrocities.

Probate Estate Questionnaire

Has your loved one been victimized and forced to move into an assisted living center or nursing home by social services, a professional guardian or conservator?

Does or did you loved one have a Trust, a Will, a Family Partnership and/or a Durable Power of Attorney?

Is your visitation with your loved one restricted or denied altogether by the professional guardian?

Are court assigned fiduciaries spending down your family estate (through litigation and legal fees)?

Is a professional conservator or trustee liquidating your loved one's or your family's estate?

Do you feel your loved one's due process (fair hearing) was denied?