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fox news 5 investigates guardianship abuse

Published on Jun 17, 2015

Nassau County, NY Court approves bilking of 2 elderly people's life savings by court-appointed guardian and his attorney. In one case $110,000 out of a total life savings of $330,000 was spent in 9 months on unwanted, unnecessary, and never-delivered "social services" including guardianship fees and attorneys fees. And it's all legal, because a judge has approved without question or oversight, and against any complaints by the former ward, all billings as presented by the guardian and his attorney., Abuse, Alan Prendergast, american dream, american elderly, arapahoe county, arapahoe county district court, Art Kane, Ben Figa, Cbs news, Cbs news 4, Cheryl Steinburg, Chief Justice Michael Bender, Cliff battista, coffer group, Colorado, Colorado Audit Committee, Colorado elderly abuse, Colorado Probate Courts, Colorado State Capitol Building, Colorado Supreme Court, conservator, conservators, contempt charges, crime, David Olinger, Dennis parr, Denver, Denver Colorado, Denver Post, Deputy Legal Counsel, elder abuse, elder exploitation, elderly, elderly abuse, elderly abuse prevention, elderly book, elderly fraud, emeritus, emma’s smile, emma parr, exploitation, exploitation of elderly, f.a.c.e.u.s., faceus, family, fiduciary, fiduciaries, fiduciary abuse, financial abuse, food stamps, fraud, fraud on the court, fraud upon the court
Demand a Federal Investigation into Abuses in Probate Guardianship in America

Welcome to C.O.F.F.E.R. Colorado

We are a coalition of families who have been victimized by the probate system that is supposed to protect our parents who have become wards of the state. We are working with state legislators, the media and other organizations to change laws to prevent probate corruption.

NEWS, media & links

  • (7/30/2015) Denver Post: Senator vows probate reform

  • (7/30/2015) Lawmakers to take on receivership, probate abuse

  • (2/19/2014) Mandatory elder abuse reporting bill clears Colorado Senate committee

  • (2/6/2014) Denver Post: Arapahoe judge dismisses official who heirs say mishandled estates

  • (1/26/2014) Denver Post Heirs cry foul, say two Colorado probate lawyers depleted their estates

Probate courtsoften ignore a ward’s lawful pre-existing directives and appoint their own fiduciaries who excessively bill the ward’s estate for needless and objectionable services. If the ward’s families try to hold the fiduciary accountable, these fiduciaries frequently restrict families from visiting their loved ones and often sue them while charging their litigation expenses against the ward’s estate These fiduciaries also sell the ward’s property drastically below fair market value. This is usually accomplished in relatively few months resulting in the rapid depletion of the ward’s estate and devastation of the ward’s family.

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